Case Studies in Public Relations

This lecture class taught me about the different types of case studies in public relations. We studied cases that mainly had to deal with crisis management, but we also looked at promotional studies as well. We were assigned two days within the semester where we were required to present our own case study research. Our end of the semester project was to present the class an eight page case study paper. You can find my case study on the FIFA Corruption Scandel in my portfolio.

Public Relations Campaigns

In this course, a group of three classmates and I were assigned a client to develop an awareness campaign. Besides working the entire semester with our clients, we were also required to post blogs monthly on certain topics assigned by the professor. This class gave me experience in working with clients. It helped me learn to discuss how we can help the client gain more attention with their target audience. You can find my campaign on the Auburn Student Pharmacy in my portfolio.

Writing in Public Relations

We learned about everything that goes inside a media kit. From a backgrounder, to an opinion-editorial. All of the elements were put together for a fictitious non-profit organization that the students made up themselves. My media kit on Castaway Travel Agency is located in my portfolio. We also learned about crisis management. We were paired together in groups to organize a crisis media kit for a recent corporate crisis situation. My crisis media kit covered the Volkswagen deisel commissions scandel in 2015.

Style and Design

It is the capstone course that allowed me to create this website. Everything you see, minus a few writing samples, was created in this class. Creating a digital resume and portfolio required the skills to code in HTML and CSS. We learned how to code. We also published a magazine comprising of six stories from three different news outlets. All of this would not be possible without putting in the effort that this class required us to put forth.