Skills and Assets


Before taking Style and Design in the Spring, our class was required to learn the basics of hyper text and cascading style sheet coding. The lessons we learned were on Codecademy. While taking the two courses, I also took a lesson on making an interactive website, like Flipboard.

Hootsuite University

I am certified with Hootsuite University after successfully passing the Hootsuite Certification test. I am certified in social media marketing. Earning the Hootsuite certification enhanced my knowledge in content marketing, social media strategy and advertising.

Hubspot Academy

I am certified with Hubspot Academy after successfully passing the Hubspot Certification test. Hubspot's inbound marketing software is used by over 17,000 companies worldwide. Earning the certification enhanced my knowledge in in-bound strategic marketing.


I had to complete a total of seven side projects in Style and Design, along with building this website. Four of these projects were created with Adobe software. The magazine and brochure were created with InDesign. The animated gif and personal logo were created with Photoshop. The website was created on Dreamweaver. Working on these projects has excelled my skills in InDesign and Dreamweaver, and has taught me a few basics in Photoshop.